Dear Clients and Franchisees,

We would like to share some exciting news with you at this time and would like to ensure you we are representing the best interest of all the Franchisees, Sales Agents and Company moving forward.

Our main focus at this time is the Marketing of our products and recently a group of agents with experience in business development, financial service sectors and marketing have banded together and approached the Franchisor to create Advanced Cloud solutions Inc who holds an agreement with the Franchisor to continue on the business of Highshare and represent the Franchisees, Sales Agents and Company as a whole.

This group of Agents has also created a management company to take over the mandate from the Franchisor to represent all Franchisees.

The new team consists of:

Advanced Cloud Solutions Inc will represent the Franchisees, Sales Agents and Marketing efforts of the Highshare platform. We have been working diligently on structuring our sales strategies for our products in order to create maximum value for our Franchisees.

Look forward to working towards creating this into a huge success!!

Thank you for your support, The SecureShare Team.